Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The next day, we woke up, ordered breakfast in bed, read the papers, and then got cabs back home to our respective lives.

It was nice. For a moment I had a taste of what having Jayce to myself full time would be like.

Truth be told, he did annoy me a little. It turns out that he is a very selfish sleeper, the kind that sleeps starfished across the bed and takes the entire duvet in the night. Plus he snores.

I arrived home feeling rather empty. Whilst he would be arriving home to a hero’s welcome, all I had waiting for me was Figaro, my cat. And even he wouldn’t care if I fell off the planet as long as his bowl stayed topped up.

When I got home, I had just enough time to tidy the house and pop to M&S to get some food and wine for dinner before I had to start getting ready for my date with BT.

I had invited him over for dinner and a DVD, which I hoped still meant what it had meant in my day. Especially as I had spent three times as much on underwear and new bed sheets as I had on the food.

BT was late; throwing off my timing completely which meant that not only was the food cold, I had drunk an entire bottle of wine to myself.

It also gave us just enough time to dash to Blockbuster and grab the first thing off the shelf (Hostel – for the love of god, save your money people).

We got back in and I re-heated the food and offered him a glass of wine which he declined, saying he was only going to drink soft drinks tonight.

We watched the DVD and spent most of the night talking and laughing. When I looked at the clock I was shocked to see that it was already 4.am.

“You better go” I said. “It’s getting late.”

“I could stay the night?” he suggested.

I pretended to think over the idea whilst secretly dancing inside. I located an old pair of shorts my brother had left behind years ago for him to sleep in, and frantically txt my best friend when he went to the bathroom to get changed.

“Ur not goin 2 get any. Give up now” She txt back.

Ignoring her, I slipped into a silk cami and shorts set, and draped myself seductively (so I hoped) on the bed.

BT came back from the bathroom and seemed oblivious that I had even got changed. He suggested we put on another DVD.

At 6am, we still hadn’t kissed and I had just about given up hope of anything happening, especially as he kept nodding off.

I turned off the TV (the lights having been turned off ages ago of the pretext that it’s better to watch horror films in the dark), and was just starting to drift off to sleep, when he kissed me!

We kissed (very chastely I am disappointed to add), for a while before I really had to go to sleep. I didn’t see the point in staying awake past 7am for first base only,

The next morning I made breakfast, we drank tea in bed and talked and laughed some more until he left at about 3pm.

I had just closed the front door and gone upstairs to make the bed, when I got a txt from him:

“I had a really good time last night & hope we can do it again soon. When r u free nxt?”

I replied telling him that I was free the following weekend, but he didn’t txt back.

Three days later, and he still hasn’t txt back! Where did I go wrong?!


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