Wednesday, August 09, 2006

BT and I had a near perfect second date. We went to the cinema to see ‘The Break-Up’ (how ironic!). He paid and I bought the popcorn.

Afterwards we went for pizza and spent all night laughing, eating and holding hands over the table.

It was the sort of date you wish you had as a teenager, where instead all your trips to the cinema resulted in you desperately fighting off some spotty oiks advances in the dark, going halves on a happy meal, and a soggy kiss goodnight where he simultaneously tries to ram his tongue down your throat and his hand up your top.

We shared a chaste kiss goodbye when he dropped me off home and a quick check in the hallway mirror after he left revealed that I did not have food in my teeth, was not trailing toilet roll on my shoe, nor was my skirt tucked into my pants. My hair was near perfect, my mascara un-smudged, and I had for once, not spilt any food down my front.

I am sure this means I have secured a third date!

Still no word from Jayce, nothing unusual there per say. It’s like a cat and mouse waiting game, I know if I were to txt him he would txt back or even call within the minute. But instead, I wait, because when he does finally contact me,

I can pretend that he cares.


Blogger Ms. Loves Hello Kitty said...

Sounds like a great date... :)

11:41 pm  

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