Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jayce rang today, and whispered that he couldn’t talk for long as he was at the supermarket after being blackmailed into helping with the household chores as penance for last night.

I cannot imagine a scenario where he would look more out of place than at the supermarket, in amongst every day items such as frozen peas and loo roll.

One of the many benefits of our relationship is how far from the mundane we are. Our affair is conducted on planes where bikini lines are always neatly trimmed, stockings and suspenders are everyday attire, and champagne and oysters are daily fare.

It is no easy task keeping up this façade.

If you think about this logically, for all the investments I make into this relationship I get very little return. Unlike a wife or a girlfriend, I cannot let the mask slip for a second.

I spend a fortune on underwear and outfits each month, and even more on beauty products and services. Nails must be neatly manicured, ditto pedicure.

I shave, wax, pluck every exorbitant hair, and re-do my roots every three weeks.

I straighten my hair and curl my lashes.

I conceal, enhance, shadow and shade every contour of my face and sometimes even draw on a beauty mark for added effect.

Underwear must always match, if worn at all. Stockings and suspenders rather than tights.

Shoes must be ludicrously high and look as though they could have been borrowed from a lapdancer.

Then you have to choose between showing legs or cleavage. Both and his PA will think you’re a slut (which you are of course. You’re just the girl he shags in his office before going home to his wife. His PA knows this already of course).

Jayce told me that he managed to convince her that he was talking big to some clients rather than talking dirty to ‘some girl’.

Later on in the day a single red rose was delivered to my door, without a note.


Anonymous Looking for Jean Hatzfeld but ended up here... said...

Gawd are you just going to repackage everything that chick who shagged Gordon Ramsay wrote?

4:59 am  

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